Work in the French sun and enjoy the wonderful life in Prayssac

The ideal workation: working under the sun at Chateau Camp del Saltre

Imagine starting your workday with the view of sun-drenched vineyards and the tranquility of the French countryside.

Chateau Camp del Saltre is the perfect setting for a wonderful workation, where you can move your office job to an idyllic location.

With high-speed Internet access and the ability to spend breaks by our beautiful pool, you can be both productive and make the most of the French sun, whether you stay for a week or a month.

Balancing work and leisure: Explore the environment

Your work station at Chateau Camp del Saltre combines work with relaxing activities in the region. After a productive day, sample the region’s best wines or take an evening stroll through the picturesque vineyards. We can think with you about weekend excursions to discover the rich culture and nature of the area. This combination of work and relaxation creates a unique workation experience.

Everything you need to know about your Workation at Chateau Camp del Saltre

Chateau Camp del Saltre’s facilities offer a perfect combination of work and leisure with reliable Internet access and flexible check-in dates. Whether you come to work with colleagues, friends or alone. After work, you can relax in the natural surroundings or explore local cultural and gastronomic experiences. And yes, you can also stay on weekends; we’re happy to help you plan your time off.

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