Team outing in southern france

Unforgettable team outings at Chateau Camp del Saltre

Spending the night together

Luxury overnight stays for teams

Bring your team together for a unique overnight experience at Chateau Camp del Saltre. Our luxury accommodations, ranging from elegant rooms in the Manor House to cozy apartments, provide the perfect setting for team building and relaxation. Enjoy the serene surroundings and comfortable facilities while strengthening bonds within your team in an inspiring and historic setting.

our wines

Exclusive wine tastings

Discover the region’s rich wine culture with an exclusive wine tasting at Chateau Camp del Saltre. Our sommelier will guide your team through a selection of exquisite local wines while you learn more about the art of wine tasting and the unique characteristics of each wine. This is a perfect activity to relax after a productive day and strengthen team spirit in a cozy and informal setting.

The environment

Adventurous explorations nearby

Stimulate team spirit with an adventurous exploration of the Chateau’s beautiful surroundings. Whether it is a guided walking tour, a bike ride through the picturesque villages, or an exciting scavenger hunt, these activities offer a great opportunity for your team to work together and experience the local culture and nature.

Team Building

Creative workshops and activities

At Chateau Camp del Saltre, we believe in the power of creativity for team building. Therefore, we offer a range of creative workshops, such as painting, cooking or even French language classes. These activities are not only fun and relaxing, but also encourage collaboration and creative thinking within your team.