Unique location

Exclusive Business Club events at Chateau Camp del Saltre

Truly exclusive

Networking and staying overnight in style

Chateau Camp del Saltre provides the ideal setting for Business Clubs looking for a stylish venue for their networking events. Our luxury accommodations offer a perfect blend of comfort and class, ideal for overnight stays and networking meetings. With our various meeting rooms and lounges, members of your Business Club can network in peace, exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities.

Food and drink

Culinary events and wine tastings

Enrich your Business Club event with a culinary experience to remember. Our Chateau hosts customized culinary events, including exclusive wine tastings and gourmet dinners. These events offer a unique opportunity to network in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere while enjoying the finest local wines and cuisine.

Active enjoyment

Educational study tours and workshops

At Chateau Camp del Saltre, we believe in the power of continuous development and education. We therefore offer special study tours and workshops for Business Clubs. These can range from lectures on local history and culture to workshops on modern business strategies and leadership development. These educational activities are ideal for enriching the knowledge and skills of your members.


Socially responsible fundraisers and gala dinners

Organize your next fundraiser or gala dinner at Chateau Camp del Saltre and make a lasting impression. Our Chateau provides a beautiful backdrop for socially responsible events, where elegance and purpose go hand in hand. We are happy to help you plan an unforgettable event that will not only enchant your guests, but also have a positive impact on the community.