Our vineyard

24 hectares of vineyard in the Lot

Our vineyard consists of 24 acres of vineyards, of which 16 acres are currently planted. Chateau Camp del Saltre makes AOP red wines on these.

That means they have the highest classification for the Cahors wine region and meet AOP requirements. Chateau Camp del Saltre makes 3 types of red wines, rose and, since this year, white chardonnay wine!

Wine tours

Wine tasting at our chateau

How can you know if something tastes good if you haven’t tasted it? We offer wine tastings and overnight stays at our wine chateau.

Come with friends, your family or with a group of enthusiasts, we are ready to provide you with an unforgettable wine moment.

Our prices

As a winemaker, it is always a great honor to receive recognition for the quality of the wines you make. We are proud of the awards we have won over the years and we would like to share some of our highlights with you.

Chateau Camp del Saltre has won awards, including gold medals, at renowned international wine competitions. Highlights include gold medals at the International Wine Challenge and Decanter World Wine Awards, two of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions.


The estate once belonged to the influential Cavaillacs de Borie family and was later taken over in the 19th century by the Delbru family, who continued the tradition of winemaking with great passion and skill. For more than 100 years, the Delbru’s have continued the tradition of winemaking and passed on their knowledge from generation to generation.