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Chateau Camp del Saltre, located on the outskirts of the cozy village of Prayssac in the “Lot” department, is a romantic 18th-century castle surrounded by beautiful nature and a variety of tree species. It all began in the summer of 2001, when a group of enthusiastic vacationers from Twente set out for the south of France for an unforgettable vacation. During their trip, they discovered this enchanting little castle and fell in love with its charm and history.

castle was owned by an elderly couple, who offered the estate for sale because of its size and a desire to pass it on to the right people. After a warm welcome and negotiations, the new owners bought the castle to transform it into a welcoming retreat. The transformation began in January 2002, and soon the first guests were welcomed into the beautifully remodeled apartments.

What began as a dream became a reality, and success grew rapidly. The guest rooms, stylishly decorated with attention to detail, offer a perfect blend of comfort and romance. Guests can enjoy the pool, a private terrace and the beautiful surroundings of Prayssac, with numerous activities and historical sites in the vicinity. Camp del Saltre offers a unique opportunity to stay in a historic castle and enjoy the best of southern France

The Delbru family, winemakers since the last century.

Gerard delbru third generation winemaker

A piece of Holland in France. Since Sept. 1, 2022, some of the owners have purchased the adjacent land with 24 hectares of vineyards.

Patrick lives at the chateau and is a true tukker, although everyone mistakes him for a Frenchman, and is apprenticed to Gerard so that he can one day make the Delbru´s wines himself. In this way, Chateau Camp del Saltre remains a family business and the legacy of the Delbru´s can continue. At Chateau Camp del Saltre, we make red, rose and white wines. Our chateau has AOP status, which means that our Cahors wines must meet the strictest standards and contain controlled quality.

Chateau Camp del Saltre makes 5 different wines, namely 3 red Cahors wines: the Camp del Saltre, an accessible, often younger wine, the Chevalier de Malecoste, a wood-aged accessible wine and the Revelation, a more complex full-bodied wood-aged wine. We also make a fresh, accessible rose, our Saltre, and in small batches we have been making a fresh accessible chardonnay since 2023.

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Curious about what our estate looks like? View and walk around the chateau, courtyard or take a look at the winery.

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Enjoy the wonderful French life in Prayssac and come spend the night.

What is going on in and around the chateau?

The wines of Chateau Camp del Saltre

Since Sept. 1, 2022, the vineyards surrounding the chateau have officially become part of The Chateau Camp del Saltre. Therefore, this […]